High clarity glass (e.g. optiwhite, clearvision, diamond). This type of glass is often referred to by a trade name, such as Optiwhite glass. Special clear glass is brighter than normal clear glass because special clear glass has a lower iron content than normal glass. In this case, also in the case of a. the colour rendering of the glass is much cleaner, for example, if normal glass is painted white against a background, the result when viewed through the glass is a strong greenish white, with special clear glass this greenish effect is much more muted. This so-called. optiwhite glass can be used for a huge variety of applications, from interior glass to solar collector glass. # low-iron # optiwhite # special clear glass # low-iron glass # glass top for table

Normal float glass is used for many different purposes, there are many names for it (float glass can be tempered = toughened glass/impervious glass/safe glass, sheet glass, cut glass, construction glass, interior glass, table top glass, partition glass). Flat glass is available in a variety of colours, for example (clear, grey, special clear (optiwhite), blue, etc.) or can also be painted in the desired colour (backpainted glass, backpainted white glass, etc.)
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Backpainted glass
On request, we canpaint the back of the glass in the colour of your choice. Backpainted glass is suitable for example as glass table tops, interior wall glass, kitchen partition glass (# glass plate for kitchen), etc. You can create stunning decorative elements from the back-painted glasses. For the ground glass of a background painting, we always recommend to choose “Extra Clear Glass”, which has only a little bit of the natural green tint of the glass. This is when the colour rendering properties of the glass are at their best. However, extra clear glass is not completely colourless and it also “shades” the paint, so the colour seen through the glass is never the same as the same paint colour without it.

The black colour does not change much whether it is painted on normal or special clear glass.

Back-painted glass is for indoor use only and the painted side must always be hidden against another surface (table, wall) and protected from scratching.

When designing a backpainted glass with our calculator, when looking at the scale of the glass, the backpainting will always be behind the glass, i.e. in the background. Take this into account also if you order holes in the glass.

The picture below compares the white painting on special clear and “normal” clear glass:

Below is an example of a round special clear glass, painted in Violet 4003:

# white glass # optiwhite # backpainted glass # partition glass # glass panel for table top # decorative glass

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