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Updated 14.9.2022

Online shop

The COMPANY “Moderni Lasikauppa” (a commercial operator registered in the Trade Register of the Finnish Patent and Registration Office and subject to VAT) sells products to individuals of legal age and all companies in Finland and the EU via an Internet e-shop. The prices of the products shown include VAT. We reserve the right to change prices and delivery charges without prior notice.

Terms of use and privacy

By browsing or using the site, you accept the terms and conditions of the site. The service provider is not liable for any loss of life, financial loss, etc. caused by any incorrect information on the website. the damage. The glass product images generated by the site may not be copied, distributed, modified or used for any purpose other than the design or purchase of a glass product on the Modern Glass Shop www.lasit.fi website.

Cookies: the Modern Glass Shop www.lasit.fi website uses cookies to function and facilitate the user’s experience. The Site also uses Google Analytics to track visitor traffic and usage in accordance with the Google Analytics Terms and Conditions and Product Description.

Modern Glass Shop does not disclose its customers’ data to any entity that does not need to receive the data (e.g. to freight forwarders for transport, payment institutions for processing payment data, etc.).

To order

Products order online by adding them to your shopping cart and paying for them the contents of your shopping cart at the online checkout. All customer information will be treated confidentially. Questions asked when ordering the contact information will not be used for any purpose other than to deliver the order; or to clarify any ambiguities therein. When you subscribe from the online shop, you are required to have read and committed to the terms of delivery in force from time to time.


Payment service provider

The payment intermediary service Paytrail Oyj is the payment processor and payment service provider. (2122839-7) in cooperation with Finnish banks and credit institutions with. Paytrail Oyj will appear as the payee on your bank statement or by card and forwards the payment to the merchant. Paytrail Plc is licensed by a payment institution. In case of complaints, please contact the supplier of the product in the first instance.

Paytrail Oyj, business code: 2122839-7
Innova 2
Lutakonaukio 7
40100 Jyväskylä, Finland
Telephone: 020 718 1830

Terms and conditions for payment methods

The terms and conditions for all the different payment methods (bank, credit card, invoice, instalment) can be found at: https://www.paytrail.com/kuluttaja/tietoa-maksamisesta

The customer must read the terms and conditions before accepting the order.

Ordering- and tax certificate

Successful after ordering, an order confirmation will be sent to your email.. Confirmation messages from to send the order, you must provide an e-mail address. context. If no email within 1 hour delivered – always check your email spam folder first. If the mail is not in the trash, please contact the seller at asiakaspalvelu@lasit.fi.

If the seller is unable to manufacture the product ordered by the customer (for example, due to a technical error in the online shop – the online store has allowed the customer to order the product with such with information or at a price that cannot be implemented or is not appropriate), the seller has the right to cancel the transaction and the seller return the full amount of the transaction to the customer. The seller is not here is not obliged to pay compensation to the customer.

Delivery method and costs

Small orders (less than 60x80x15cm) are usually delivered by parcel delivery to the door. Larger orders are delivered by a freight company chosen by the sender. The order is delivered as close to the address provided by the customer as the carrier can reasonably transport with its delivery truck. The delivery company delivers the transport from the delivery truck down next to the vehicle, but not inside the buildings. For example, lorries cannot transport goods to small summer cottage roads, etc. destinations. In this case, the customer is obliged to collect the products from the nearest point of delivery, as determined by the freight company.

To place an order delivery costs are always included in the total amount indicated.

We supply registered orders (e.g. postal parcels or freight), or as an unrecorded delivery, of which recorded consignments can be tracked by the broadcast ID.

Small lightweight orders (less than 30kg) are usually delivered in a durable lightweight packaging (styrofoam+cardboard). Orders larger than this are delivered in strong wooden packaging to ensure that the products arrive intact.

The customer is fully responsible for the disposal/recycling of the packaging and for their willingness to open the packaging. For example, a carpet pick/scissors, a screwdriver (Phillips head) or a screwdriver (TORX20 or 25) may be needed. When opening the package, the customer must be careful not to damage the product inside. The customer must also have the possibility, if necessary, to destroy the defective product at his own expense.

Delivery time

Products and services the manufacturing time is shown in the product information. If the customer order more than one product, and the products have different lead times, the longest lead time determines when the whole order is ready to be sent to. In this case, all orders are delivered in one on delivery. In addition to the manufacturing time, the following are added to the delivery time also the time spent by the carrier (estimated at around 1-5 hours). working days) for the delivery of the products, i.e. the delivery time consists of the time taken to manufacture the products plus the time taken by the carrier . The exact times will be communicated when you place your order.

Email be liable for delays caused by force majeure; or direct or indirect damage caused by delays. disadvantages. Information about deviating delivery times will be provided in the online shop. on the front page as soon as possible.

Alternatively and return conditions

All from the products sold in our online shop are manufactured for the customer on the basis of an order to a specific size, so the products do not have no right of exchange or return.

Problem situations

If the product is damaged during transport, a written complaint must be made immediately to the carrier and the defects and deficiencies must be noted in the consignment note before signing the consignment note.

If the product does not otherwise match your order, you must report the error. within 14 days at the latest to the seller. The product review is based on the Quality and manufacturing tolerances

Possible from product defects, the customer must be able to send an email to images of the error so that next to the error runs a tape measure. The image must be clear enough and of good quality so that the error can be easily detected from the photo.

Incorrect the product must not be installed in place.

We are not liable to compensate the customer for any costs incurred directly or indirectly by the customer as a result of a defective product or a product damaged in transit. In the event of a broken or defective product, the customer is responsible for the destruction of the product.

Liability for errors will never replace:

  • breakage of the glass or damage to the customer or other materials of the customer as a result of the breakage.
  • normal wear and tear or scratching of the glass due to the use of the glass.


Maximum a large proportion of the products sold in our online shop are glass products. Also mirrors are glass products. Glass misused can be dangerous. The customer must always verify for himself that the the suitability of the glass product for its intended use, and that the customer is capable of using on their own, to service and install the product they have ordered. If any matter questions, please contact the seller’s customer service before placing an order. to do with asiakaspalvelu@lasit.fi. We are happy to help!

Quality and manufacturing tolerances

Glass products are mainly produced in Finland and Tolerances on glass thickness as defined by the Flat Glass Association RY, glass manufacturing dimensions, permissible scratch sizes, etc. on quality issues.

If em. guidelines are different from those mentioned here, use primarily the quality guidelines mentioned here.

In short:

Lasia viewed from a distance of 2m in indirect light (i.e. not for example, against a light source or the sun). Do not lead into the glass light in from the edge of the glass.

Glasses Colours

The customer understands that the model images of glasses or mirrors may look different from the “natural” way when viewed on a computer screen. For example, different computer monitors have different colour rendering properties, as well as different lighting conditions at the time of imaging or viewing, glass clarity, colours in the background of the glass and colours reflected on the glass.

Dimensional tolerances

Cuts glasses without edge grinding

3-4mm lasit +-2mm

5-8mm lasit +-3mm

10-12mm lasit +-4mm

15-19mm glasses +-25mm (the edge of the glass may bend strongly)

Laminated glasses +-5mm

Bevelled glass (high gloss bevelling)

All monolithic glass and mirrors +1mm/-2mm

Laminated or tempered laminated glass +1/-4mm

Fasettihionnan width tolerance:

All glasses +-4mm from order, max allowed variation inside the glass +-3mm

Tempering, laminating:

In heat tempering glass, compressive stress is applied to the surface of the glass and tensile stress is applied to the inside. In this case, the strength of the glass increases considerably and, when broken, the tempered glass shatters into small fragments. Em. compressive and tensile stresses can cause curvature of the tempered glass. In general, tempered glass can curve up to +-3mm/metre (or more depending on the glass thickness and shape), and this curvature is not considered a defect because there is little control over curvature in the tempering process.

If the glass is laminated after tempering, curvature may be exacerbated by the combined effect of two or more glasses.

Both tempering and separate lamination of glass can cause optical distortions in the glass, and these are not counted as defects.

In the case of tempered laminated glass, both panes of laminated glass separately comply with the above dimensional tolerances.

We follow the definitions of the EuropeanNorm (EN) and the Finnish Flat Glass Association.


Hole size tolerance +-1mm, hole position tolerance +-2mm. The edges of the holes are always rough, untreated and the edges of the holes should be hidden. If you need an edge grinded hole, please contact our customer service.

Background painting

Back-painted glass is always checked through the glass, not from the paint side. The paint side may have several uneven layers of different thicknesses, the paint side is not intended to be visible. There may be small traces of paint on the bottom edge of the glass and around the edges. This does not count as an error. Background paint is for interior use only and is not resistant to UV radiation, constant humidity or mechanical wear and tear, for example.


If the glass product is ordered without edge grinding (with a sharp cut), the edges of the glass will be sharp, and the above-mentioned. the sharpness is dangerous if handled carelessly. Such an unpolished glass edge may also have deformities, dents, spikes, etc. things that are never counted as a flaw – usually the thicker the glass, the greater the edge deviations. Tempered or refractory glass is called. “dull grinding” does not eliminate these potential problems. edge anomalies. There are no requirements for the appearance of the cut glass (with a sharp cut mark). Glass with a sharp cutting edge is intended for use where the edges of the glass are hidden out of sight and cannot be touched.


In a polishing process, the edges of the cut glass are smoothed by grinding the edge to a flat matte surface, making bevels of about 1-2mm at the top and bottom of the edge, and the final result is polished so that the white matte surface is no longer visible.

After polishing, there is no sharpness on the edge (except for any sharp corners of the glass), the edge is clean and shiny and there are no deformations on the edge of the glass. Polishing should be ordered for glasses where the edges of the glass remain visible.

Fasetti cut and 45-degree grinding

Before facet grinding, the glass is always polished (see above). Bevel grinding or 45-degree grinding is done on the surface of the glass at the edge. When ordering, the customer can specify the desired width of the facet sanding. There must be no white scratches on the facet cut. Facet grinding is an external grinding process. The angle of the facet cut is determined by the glass manufacturer as they see fit, depending on the thickness of the glass. In 45-degree grinding, the grinding angle is always 45 degrees. In laminated glass, 45-degree facet grinding is only performed on one of the two laminated glasses up to the thickness of the other glass, unless otherwise agreed.


Glasses and mirrors are delivered washed, scratch-free and with high precision checked and illuminated. However, the surface of the glass small, insignificant, hard to notice dots, bubbles, scratches are not counted as defects. Permitted are for example:

  • 1 spot or bubble less than 2mm in diameter / 1 square metre area
  • 1 linear scratch less than 12mm long and less than 1mm narrow / 1 square metre area
  • If no edge grinding has been ordered, scratches, dents, bubbles and dents are allowed within 15mm of the edge of the glass (non-edge ground glass is always intended to be installed in a way that hides the edge of the glass, e.g. cover/attachment molding).

Mirrors there may be faded scratches on the backing paint from production, which will never be counted as errors, because there is no background painting side. intended for a prominent place. Only if the scratch leads light through, this is an error.

Mirrors the backing paint cannot withstand continuous high humidity – for example in a normally air-conditioned bathroom, the mirror will hold up well, but if, for example, there is a constant background of a mirror frost/water droplets, can mirror backing/silver coatings start rust with age. This is not covered by the liability for error.

Customer self-scratching caused by handling or installation of the glass is not covered the liability for defects. We therefore strongly recommend that you glass products are checked immediately upon receipt; and any faults and shortcomings are reported without delay.

If if you have any quality concerns, always ask for more information before ordering about the manufacture of the seller’s customer service asiakaspalvelu@lasit.fi. We are happy to help you!