About us

We are an online store for interior and building glass throughout Finland.

Our passion is working with glass – making everything out of glass!

Our factory is equipped with state-of-the-art glass working machinery,
which allows us to accurately and efficiently manufacture all glass and mirror products – from single pieces to large batches.

We would be delighted to hear from you – Contact us or feel free to place an order 🙂

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Customer service on weekdays Mon-Fri 8-16 for all general questions and matters


Delivery time enquiries/rapid delivery options, large orders over 140m2, special products, etc. you can contact the factory directly

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Administrative matters


Do you have any feedback or suggestions for improvement, was something good, did something not work or do you think something could be improved? Give us your feedback! We can’t guarantee that every feedback post will be answered, but all posts will certainly be read!


Reliable and high-quality glass manufacturing: our factory is a long-standing member of the Finnish Flat Glass Association RY!

Modern Glass Shop online store (Y2957152-8)

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