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We have great respect for our customers and we want to serve you as professionally as possible, and in line with today’s trend, as quickly as possible, with every question you may have about our online shop. That’s why we’ve picked some of the most frequently asked questions from the hundreds of emails we’ve received.

In your delivery information it says that the products are delivered to your door (*) anywhere in Finland, up to the reach of the delivery truck, what does that mean?

We aim to deliver all products we send as close to the customer’s home (or company premises) as is reasonably possible. This means that the freight forwarder to whom the products are handed over for transport usually delivers the consignments by small lorry. So the freight company literally transports the orders as far as their delivery trucks can reasonably and safely go. The freight company itself unloads the goods from the lorry, usually in the yard area, but does not bring the goods inside. For example, narrow cottage roads, access to a castle, archipelagos, courtyards of apartment buildings, etc. are places where the freight forwarder does not deliver the goods, but the freight forwarder agrees with you on the nearest possible delivery point (e.g. a large road, car park, etc.). The freight forwarder will always contact you in advance to arrange delivery to you.

I was about to order glass from you, but the time for glass production is stated as 1.9 working weeks. Does that mean that the glass will not be ready for at least 9 weeks?

As all the products we sell are made to measure to your order, we always try to give you as accurate an estimate as possible of the time it will take our glassmakers, taking into account the work queue, to complete your order. The figure of 1.9 working weeks in production time, separated by a dot, means that the product will be ready for dispatch in just under 2 working weeks. After dispatch, it usually takes on average 1-4 working days for the freight company to deliver the products to you.

I would like to order a larger quantity of glass, how does your automatic quantity discount work? Do I have to pay the delivery charges several times when all products say “includes delivery charges”?

To make it easy for the customer to make a purchase decision and to ensure that our prices are always 100% competitive, we have tried to make the quantity discount system as easy as possible: in the simplest case, when you enter the details of the glass in the fields, instead of 1 piece, you enter the required, larger, quantity (e.g. 23 pieces), and the price is automatically discounted without further notice. You can see the volume discount on the product page as follows:

If all of the 23 different glasses in the example are slightly different sizes, add them one by one to your shopping cart, and then you can go to the bottom of the shopping cart page to see the discount and the total amount. This is also where the delivery costs are recalculated so that all products are packed and delivered in one go and the extra delivery costs are deducted.

The discount is based on the number of pieces and total square metres, so the pricing algorithm constantly recalculates how efficiently the glasses you order can be produced in our factory and what part of the final total order goes to packaging and freight.

You can always get the best price by:

  • If you need several glasses of almost the same size: if possible, check whether the glasses can be made to the same size (e.g. if there are only a few millimetres difference between the glasses) – Our factory will always produce glasses more efficiently, i.e. at a lower cost, for glasses of exactly the same size. The pricing algorithm takes this into account when calculating the price.
  • If you need a particularly long glass: if possible, try to calculate the price also by dividing the glass in two – the pricing algorithm will take into account that smaller pieces are more easily optimised for factory production than particularly large ones.
  • If you need holes in the glass, if possible, try to use as many holes of the same size as possible. Manufacturing is faster and more efficient. You save!

I placed an order with your online shop, but I did not receive any confirmation by email. I was left wondering whether the order was correct, even though the glasses arrived fortunately after two days. Should there be a postal order?

Yes! For all orders placed, we will immediately send you an order confirmation by email. Confirmation should come within a few minutes, at the latest within an hour of the order, at any time of the day (including nights and weekends). If you don’t receive a confirmation email, the most likely reason is that the confirmation may have gone to your spam folder. Please check if you can find the confirmation mail there. If this does not resolve the issue, please contact our customer service team at We are very happy to help!

I’m never home during the day, and I don’t want delivery to my door. Can I collect my order from, for example, the Post Office?

Yes, smaller (glass size less than 55x115cm) orders can be delivered that way! At the moment this is done by contacting our customer service team at immediately after placing your order and indicating that you would like delivery to the nearest Post Office. We are working to automate this delivery option as soon as possible. For larger orders, this option has to be checked on a case-by-case basis, due to the fact that not all cities have a freight terminal/may not have customer service.

I would like to order a special mirror with a 3.4 working week delivery time, but I have the money to pay only on payday. Can I order from you by invoice or instalment so that I don’t have to wait so long to start production?

Yes you can, now it’s possible as we’ve also added the Invoice/Payment by instalments option (Collector invoice), giving you 45 days from the date of purchase to pay the invoice and, if necessary, split the payment into instalments over a longer period. For more information, please see the Collector invoice section on the Delivery terms page.

I placed an order and found that I had ordered the wrong size glass, can I change or cancel the order? I also had one number wrong in my phone number.

In principle, once an order has been accepted, it cannot be changed or cancelled, so we recommend that you check the order with special care before confirming the order. However, should such an unfortunate situation occur, please contact our customer service team at without delay and we will check and do everything we can to rectify the situation. At the time of writing, almost all such situations have been remedied by a rapid response. If there is an error in the delivery/customer details, don’t worry, they can be changed as long as the product has been dispatched.

Can you also install and measure the glass?

Unfortunately, at the moment we do not offer an installation or measuring service, as our area of operation is the whole of Finland, so we can only offer glass products made to measure and transported by a freight company.

Yesterday I ordered 8mm tempered glass from you for my terrace roof, but now I noticed that the glass weighs over 1300kg. Do I have to take a forklift to the yard myself to unload the glasses from the delivery truck or does the delivery company do that too?

Yes, the transport company will take care of this, so you don’t need to buy a forklift or crane service. The haulier delivers the products to you and it is the haulier’s responsibility to unload the load down from the truck to the ground next to the truck. The transport company will always contact you in advance regarding the delivery of the load.

If I buy several different products, how is the delivery time calculated? Are the manufacturing times of all products added up?

As a rule, all products are sent in one single package. If different products have different lead times, for example 0.5, 1.4 and 2 working weeks, then all products will be ready for dispatch within 2 working weeks, i.e. the lead time of the last product to be completed will indicate the final lead time. In addition to this, the delivery time of the carrier is added to the delivery time, which is on average 1-4 working days.

If you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service. .

We are happy to help!