Mirror mounting accessories

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Mirror mounting accessories

Select the desired mounting method for the mirror from the menu.

For example, a mirror can be glued to the wall with mirror glue. For this, we recommend you bring a mirror tape, which will help to hold the mirror in place better while the glue dries. Suitable for mirrors of all shapes and thicknesses.

The mirror’s hidden mounting kit includes self-adhesive metal brackets for the mirror’s background. Also included are screws and wall mounting brackets. Includes installation instructions in English and installation photos. In short:

Carefully clean the background of the mirror -> Determine a place on the wall where the wall brackets can be attached -> Attach the self-adhesive metal resistors to the cleaned mirror at the same distances as the wall brackets and press the metal resistors for about 30 seconds -> Allow 30min for the adhesive to set and hang the mirror on the wall. The concealed fasteners leave nothing visible on the front of the mirror. Hideaway brackets move the mirror away from the wall by about 15mm.

Aluminium J-mouldings suitable for rectangular mirrors. The mouldings have pre-drilled holes for fixing screws every 25cm (screws not included). The J-brackets are usually ordered to the length of the top and bottom edge of the mirror (2 pieces per width), for example if you order a mirror with a width of 800mm, order 2 pieces of 800mm J-brackets. Aluminium list available for 4mm and 6mm mirror.

The mirror hook kit is designed for mounting small, 4mm thick mirrors of all shapes and sizes. Screws are included. Maximum weight 6kg. You can see the weight of the mirror on the mirror page in the additional information after you have set the desired dimensions. (Or in your shopping cart, if you have already added a mirror to your shopping cart).


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