Tempered glass on the table

Tempered glass on the table

You can order from us a glass top for your table with the option of your choice. Calculate the price and order delivered to your doorstep. # tempered glass on top of the table

Table top safety glasses – usually 6mm thick, tempered or non-tempered glass is used. For the edge, we strongly recommend a polished edge sanding. If the surface of the table is light or white, we recommend using special clear glass, which significantly reduces the greenish tint of normal glass. However, the extra clear glass has little effect on the green edge of the glass. For table top safety glasses, we recommend at least a small R2 – R3mm corner rotation to remove sharpness from the corners of the glass (see examples below). #glass plate on the table

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Examples of the size of corner swings:
R, or radius, is the size of the circle of which the angular rotation is a part. Examples of what corner spinning can be compared to:

The diameter of a long-playing LP is about 300mm, i.e. radius R=150mm
The diameter of the CD is 120mm, i.e. radius R=60mm
The diameter of a 2 euro coin is about 25mm, i.e. radius R=12.5mm
The diameter of a 10 ct coin is about 20mm, i.e. radius R=10mm
3mm rounding (R3) the rounding is just visible to the eye from the corner of the round, but the shape of the glass is not yet substantially changed
The 1mm rounding (R1) doesn’t look much like a rounded corner, but feeling it with your fingertip you can feel that the sharpness has just about disappeared.

Backpainted glass
On request, we can paint the back of the glass in the colour of your choice. Backpainted glass is suitable for example as glass table tops, interior wall glass, kitchen partition glass (# glass plate for kitchen), etc. You can create stunning decorative elements from the back-painted glasses. For the ground glass of a background painting, we always recommend to choose “Extra Clear Glass”, which has only a little bit of the natural green tint of the glass. This is when the colour rendering properties of the glass are at their best. However, extra clear glass is not completely colourless and it also “shades” the paint, so the colour seen through the glass is never the same as the same paint colour without it.

The black colour does not change much whether it is painted on normal or special clear glass.

Back-painted glass is for indoor use only and the painted side must always be hidden against another surface (table, wall) and protected from scratching.

Tempered glass on the table

You can choose the right shade, edge sanding and, if necessary, corner rounding from our price calculator.

You can also see the exact production time for the glass in our price calculator.

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