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LASIKIDE – High quality and tested Q-Railing SMART all-glasses system with 8+8mm (16.76mm) tempered+laminated lenses. The visible price also includes delivery costs to your door! Ordering a glass railing is now easy! # pole-less glass railing # full glass railing

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Head end strips (2 pcs)
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Yhteenveto valitsemillasi lasitiedoilla

Additional information: Kaikkien lasien paino on noin 259.8 kg
Lasikaiteemme toimitetaan 8+8mm (16.76mm) vahvuisella karkaistulla ja laminoidulla turvalasilla. Lasien kaikki reunat kiiltoreunahiotaan.
Valittu lasikaide-järjestelmä on säädettävä/ei säädettävä malli
Production time: Tuote on valmis lähetettäväksi arviolta 4.5 työviikossa.
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Railing type

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Straight railing
Ascending railing
2-sided L-shaped straight railing
3-sided U-shaped straight railing

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Harjattu alumiini
Musta, matta 9005

Head end strips (2 pcs)

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Choose shade:

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Clear soundproof glass, laminated with sound control film (Sound Control)
Clear glass with white/opal laminating film
Extra-clear glass with white/opal laminating film
Extra-clear glass with yellow laminating film
Extra-clear glass with wine red laminating film
Extra-clear glass with light green laminating film
Extra-clear glass with orange laminating film
Extra-clear glass with dark green laminating film
Extra-clear glass with red laminating film
Extra-clear glass with blue laminating film

I want rounded corners for the glasses

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No roundings
Rounded corners (R 5mm)
Big round corners (R 50mm)


UPEA full glass railing system from the world’s leading railing system manufacturer # glass railing # pole-less glass railing

A new and advanced all-glass railing system where the tilt of the glass can be adjusted. No more sticky wedges etc. tweaks, but you can still adjust the tilt just as easily years later, if, for example. the life of the structure has turned the glass line out of alignment. # glass railing # frameless glass railing

We always use 8+8mm (16.76mm) thick tempered and laminated glass for all-glass railings. This thickness of glass does not require a thick bonding agent on top of the glass, nor any other bonding agent. This allows us to talk about a true full-glass railing, where the overall appearance remains spacious and airy.

Finishing the surface of an aluminium profile is an attractive-looking light surface finish, which also means that marks from use do not start to stand out as quickly as with a standard anodised surface. The profile has pre-drilled bottom holes, making installation quick and easy.

The glass railing is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Delivery includes

  • glass, rated at 6mm clearance, and 6mm off the ends of the rail
    • The total height of the delivered system is approximately 2-10mm higher than ordered (to avoid that any variation in the height of the mounting levels would cause the required track height to be undercut).
  • bottom fixing rail, the profile is fixed to the floor on top of the level
    • The bottom rails may have extensions, the extensions use official extension pieces. Each profile comes with extension picks, making it easy and seamless to make a continuation. In the case of railing rising at an angle, the rails are supplied in “batch sizes”. When installing, cut the rails to the correct length and angle.
  • rubber seals
  • wedge fitting kit for 8+8mm tempered+laminated (16,76mm) glass
  • and the order always includes one glass tilt adjustment tool
  • wooden packaging and the delivery truck to the customer’s reach

Order separately

  • mooring anchors
  • handrail if desired


The system is supplied with the glasses loose and the bottom rails separately.

Recommendation for fixing to concrete. If you attach to a tree, make sure that the tree can withstand the maximum load on the railing (e.g. min. 120-240mm beam depth) without buckling.

Minimum width 500mm. For the height of the railing, please take into account the building regulations. Max system load H1000mm 1kN.

Watch the installation video:


Why choose the Q-railing railing system? # glass railing # frameless glass railing

  • Safety, certified and tested assemblies
  • Appearance and quality, similar finish on all parts of the system and parts are of similar quality to their marketing images.
  • For a longer life cycle, careful finishing of products slows down rusting. Conditioners keep products looking like new for longer.
  • Easy and quick to install, the parts are designed for each other
  • A wide range of different components to help you get through the tough spots.
  • You know what you are buying, all Q-railing products are marked with Q and the material used in the product.
  • Installation videos and installation instructions for glass railing systems


Note! If you need a weakened glass railing with a thinner 6+6mm glass and without adjustment, please contact our customer service. We will check the suitability for your destination and calculate an offer for you!


Any questions? Contact us, we are happy to help!

# full glass railing # frameless glass railing


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