Patinated mirror

Custom made mirror: mirrors for all kinds of interior use, wall, table decoration, etc… with your own dimensions, your own shade, your own shape! # antique mirror # patinated mirror # copper mirror # tinted mirror

Design your own custom mirror and choose the mounting accessories from the Mirror mounting accessories page.

We manufacture mirrors to the exact dimensions you want, made to measure to your specifications.

If the edges of the mirror glass remain visible after installation, we recommend that you also apply a polish to the glass from the edges menu. In this case, the sharp edges of the glass are ground clean and polished. ready for presentation. Edge grinding also slightly increases the bending resistance of the glass. If the edges of the glass are hidden inside the frame, edge grinding is not necessary. To add to the appearance, you can also choose to have the glass surface faceted at the edge or 45-degree faceted. When facet grinding glasses, if all corners of the glass are rounded with less than 11mm of angular curvature, the facet grinding is done in a straight line and does not follow the angular curvature. Otherwise, the facet is ground on a CNC machine to follow the edge line of the glass, including the rounding.

Examples of the size of angular rotations: the radius, or R, is the size of the circle of which the angular rotation is a part. Examples of what corner spinning can be compared to:

The diameter of a long-playing LP is about 300mm, i.e. radius R=150mm
The diameter of the CD is 120mm, i.e. radius R=60mm
The diameter of a 2 euro coin is about 25mm, i.e. radius R=12.5mm
The diameter of a 10 ct coin is about 20mm, i.e. radius R=10mm
3mm rounding (R3) the rounding is just visible to the eye from the corner of the round, but the shape of the glass is not yet substantially changed
The 1mm rounding (R1) doesn’t look much like a rounded corner, but feeling it with your fingertip you can feel that the sharpness has just about disappeared.

Make your own mirror by choosing from a wide range of options!

You can calculate the price and production time directly from the page. Click on the product link below to go to the product:

# antique mirror # patinated mirror # tinted mirror # clear mirror # copper mirror

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