Sauna glass wall

Made-to-measure sauna glass wall
We can manufacture custom-made sauna glass walls and doors for you. # glass wall for sauna # glass wall for sauna # glass wall for washroom do-it-yourself

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You can choose any glass from the glass list and get an instant price for a glass wall delivered to your yard.

How to order

Enter the dimensions of the glazing openings in the dimensions

Measure existing gaps at several different points to make sure they are straight

We will size the glazing system so that the glass we supply will fit into your structure, i.e. we will make the necessary reductions to the dimensions of the glass.

Note! When choosing a puller with wooden parts – all wooden parts are delivered untreated as wood.
About hinges


By far the most used hinge type for glass doors
Opens in both directions, i.e. 180-degree hinge
Spring hinge, centres the door with spring force at approximately the adjusted centre point (the centre point can be adjusted)
The door (hinge) pulls itself closed by spring force


Like the previous 180-degree concentric spring hinge, but with the addition of:

Finished appearance, e.g. covers over the fixing screws and hinge opening screws
A firmer focus


With Premium Hinge, you buy yourself comfort and ease in everyday life
The hydraulic Premium hinge pulls the door into the closed position in a controlled manner, and even with an adjustable closing speed

Sarana’s concentration is the best compared to the previous ones

The Premium hinge has almost twice the carrying capacity of the Standard and Deluxe hinges, only 2 Premium hinges are ever delivered
Sarana is a stylish Italian design
The Premium hinge is also suitable for installations in public spaces where the door is opened dozens of times a day

All hinges are supplied with separate sauna heat resistant gaskets between the pressing parts of the hinge and the glass.
Corner rotations / sauna glass wall
If you wish, you can opt for a corner rotation for the glass corners. After a normal polishing process, the 90-degree corners of the glass remain sharp. With corner swivels, you increase the level of finish, safety and strength of your glass.

-As signs:

when opening the door, the bottom edge of the door can accidentally scratch the foot, the rounded corner feels soft and does not scratch the skin
corner rotations for a more finished look
while tempered thick glass can withstand hundreds of pounds of snow on the roof, tempered and normal glass are both susceptible to shattering from even small impacts, IF the impact to the glass comes from an angle or edge – corner tempering does not eliminate this feature but reduces the sensitivity. For example, in the installation phase, corner rotation can “save the day” if the corner of a heavy glass e.g. lightly scratches a hard surface – a sharp corner against a hard surface can cause the glass to break immediately or delayed within seconds, minutes or hours (tempered glass may not break immediately after impact, but only after a while). However, tempered glass is safe even if broken, because tempered glass always breaks into small fragments.

We always do corner rounding by machine grinding and finish the grinding with polishing, so it’s not just sandpaper rounding.
A few examples of a glass wall in a sauna:
If you want a glass door only, choose

Left side glass: NOT
Right side glass: NOT

If you don’t want a top glass on the door, set:

Room height and access opening height to exactly the same value (e.g. access opening height 2100mm and room height 2100mm)

If you have full-height side openings, and you want to use floor clamps/supporting feet instead of a U-plate in the floor, choose either:

Crimpable floor clamp approx 45x45mm, screwed or glued to the floor, removes the glass from the floor by approx 20mm:

Or adjustable 130mm – 160mm floor stand

NOTE! The position of the adjustable floor leg cannot be determined by the user, but holes are drilled in the glass for the bracket at the point where the automatic observation diagram draws the floor legs.

This is how the automation adds floor brackets instead of a U-plate (see picture below)

We recommend the use of floor clamps if there is a drop in the floor at the glass wall of the sauna (max 10mm).

# glass wall for sauna # glass wall for washroom do-it-yourself
Sauna glass wall – brackets and mouldings
Glass brackets are included with the Sauna Glass Wall:



heat-resistant gaskets between the hinge’s pressing parts and the glass

push button / selected puller

Door top glass

2 pieces of glass-glass or glass-wall brackets, depending on whether there are side glasses


External dimensions of approx. 13mm x 19mm U-bar (approx. 8.5mm glazing bead), which is fixed to the customer’s structure and the glass is glued inside the U-bar

Since the mounting holes are usually not exactly at 90.00 degree angles and are approximately the same size at all points, we supply the U-brackets in slightly extra long lengths so that you can cut the brackets to the exact dimensions and angles of the opening when installing. We also don’t pre-drill holes in the mouldings because there is a risk that the pre-drilled holes will hit places where the screw cannot be fixed. Sometimes it may also be necessary to glue e.g. sticking to the base instead of screwing

All of the above fittings are available:

Polished surface
Brushed surface
As a black woman

When choosing a puller with wooden parts – all wooden parts are delivered untreated as wood.
Adjustable floor stand (130-160mm) is only available in brushed finish

Always after ordering a glass wall, within about 1 working day, you will receive a separately processed order confirmation from us, where we will confirm to you by e-mail

The scale you drew
Final glass manufacturing dimensions
The exact list of supplies to be delivered

A glass wall for the sauna is also delivered with the order:

General glass handling instructions
Sauna glass wall – installation instructions

# glass wall for sauna according to your own measurements # glass wall for sauna # glass wall for washroom do-it-yourself
If you have any questions, we are happy to help! Feel free to contact us!

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